Thursday, May 19, 2011

the Real Studio Managers - 2. Cleo, Yogi and Trilby

This is part 2 of a series showing the REAL managers behind the artists of the In the Making team on etsy

Please meet IMteam member Laura from Olive and Oud with her 3 studio managers keeping her on her toes,

here we have Cleo, the lady in charge -

'hey! I do all the work around here - but there's another bun too, just a sec ...'

'BUN! I said, not bum!

... humans ... what are they like eh?!'

'this is my helper Yogi'

'he's a tad smaller than me, and has head-tilt, so he gets the easier jobs to do - like asking Laura for a fresh supply of dandelion and greens and ofcourse demanding constant kisses and cuddles'
(I er, do the taste test of the greens first)

'... and 'cause I'm the boss I get to tell Trilby what to do as well. Just because he's a cat he thinks he's better than us rabbits, and the humans, but not so - I put him to good use and make sure Laura is always being micro-managed by him'

'I mean, how many hours do you honestly have to sit in front of the computer each day updating your etsy shop? really!

so Trilby makes sure Laura takes plenty of breaks, by, er, confiscating the keyboard, plus I'm sure he blogs a little too whilst he's there (you know what cats are like eh?)'

'and I send him off out for his leash walks with Jake and Laura when they need some fresh air.

Trilby told me that they think they are in control of him with that leash, but it's not so - Trilby said that the leash is his rope to absolute control and they follow him everywhere'

'and being a cat means the world stops when he stops to smell the roses ..'

'and gaze at the clouds reflections in the pond ....

... now that can on for, like forever ...''

'besides, Yogi and I have far too much work to do inside, what with redesigning the bedroom and trying to look cute!'

Same time next month - meet more of the REAL managers doing REAL work!


  1. So precious, nice to meet you, big boss Cleo, helper Yogi and the unforgettable Trilby. Tis hard work training humans !!

  2. I'm embarrassed to say I had no idea rabbit tails were actually that ridiculously precious! Those are beautiful angels you have around you.

  3. They are precious and ridiculous and beautiful! Also, Cleo really is bossy. Annette, thank you for writing such a wonderful story to string the photos together. I about died laughing.--Laura from OliveAndOud

  4. ha ha! thanks for the laugh Annette, this is a perfectly delightful end to my day and the perfect way to meet Jake and Laura!

  5. Gorgeous and so cute. I like the tail picture the best. Thanks for sharing.

  6. They are adorable! Annette, you did a great job interviewing them! :)

  7. Fabulous post! It's amazing the amount of work they get done. I know how it is. Althea runs a tight ship too.