Friday, May 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

While looking for some inspiration to write my first blog post, I came across this lovely Norwegian blog entitled "Stylizimo".

It´s all about interior and home decoration and has plenty of amazing ideas and tips. As the Summer approaches in the Northen Hemisphere, how about these "3 different ways to decorate your Summerhouse"?

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  1. Yes, been dreaming to do that for years, having a wee cabin in the woods, or the next best thing, having a garden house since we can't leave the kids (animals)
    Thanks for this, must show it to my hubby and maybe we can get a deck going then a small structure next year.

  2. Oh yes, these are nice! Especially the third one. Want a summerhouse so badly!

  3. how very inspiring! I really like the first one ;)

  4. these make me think back to when i was a little girl and was always building little hideaways-- this would have been my dream hideout-- so sweet!