Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mostly Stuffed - for the Wee Ones and the Kids at Heart

For the Wee Ones

Kate "akatomobo" Gurskajo
Simferopol, Ukraine
"Once upon a time, one girl found a piece of cloth, a small sharp needle and colorful threads. This is how the stitched Woodland Tale came to this world."

Toronto, ON, Canada
"Bubynoa’s one of a kind designs play with the dynamics of shape and texture to engage developing senses in a fun and safe way..."

Nihama-Jana Ladizenska
Berlin, Germany
"I’m glad to introduce you to my latest collection of handmade teething toys, nursing necklaces, dolls, postcards, accessories and other things. I make them with all my love and I hope you will like them."

"I live in a city in the northwest of Spain. In my native language, "Intres" means moments. And that's how I gradually started to design and to create trees, fun toys, impossible towers and objects to make you smile ... in small moments."

Stella Melgrati
Ferrara, Italy
"...I'm here to share with you my passion."

and for the Kids at Heart -

Olga Wassupbrothers
Moscow, Russia
"I really love making things with fabric, everything you see here is handmade by me and always one of a kind! Some of the softies can look alike but never the same."

Timor Cohen
Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel
Timo is a small design line, all hand-made, sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabic.  Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.

Two Sad Donkeys
Tibilisi, Georgia
"I like felt and love marionettes, and these two facts come together here in my store. And these toys are result of this love"