Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlight on wellwornpassport

                                 Sevilla - all is calm at La Maestranza the day before a bullfight                                         

Patricia, of wellwornpassport, didn’t mean to become a travel photographer. She travels quite a bit for both work and for pleasure and began taking pictures to document her travels to the far off and exotic places she found herself in. As she describes her transformation, “What began as a typical touristic exercise, eventually became more and more of an obsession.  I really enjoy the way I experience a place, and a culture, when I see it through the lens of a camera.  Suddenly, through the lens of my camera, I see poignant vignettes I would have missed otherwise.  I see beautiful compositions of colors and shapes.  I see perspective from a different perspective.  Now, travel photography is my passion. I take hundreds of photos every day when I'm on the road. I particularly enjoy photographing art, architecture, and markets and shops.”

              Marrakech - vintage carpets in the souk

                                       Essaouira - a picturesque town on the coast of Morocco

She certainly has a wonderful sense of composition and color, and a way of evoking a sense of quiet in her work.

                                 Venice - the Scandinavian Pavillion at the Art Biennale (2007)

Patricia lives and works on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City but tends to spend her weekends in rural Litchfield County, Connecticut where she relaxes and refuels. She is married to “a wonderful guy”, an Argentine/Italian architect and talented designer who “ supports, often inspires, all of my creative inclinations.” 

                                           NYC - love through the ages             

Her day job is as a creative director developing environmental branding concepts for retailers and hospitality businesses. Working with architects, interior designers, graphic designers, lighting designers, etc, she creates environments that “perfectly reflect the character and personality of a brand.”  Some of the companies she has worked with over the years include Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, IKEA, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.

Another art form Patricia is interested in exploring is collage. She also spoke of using her photos to create what she calls “room sets”, something she hopes to be able to share in her etsy shop soon. OK, I’m intrigued and will be checking in from time to time to see how you’re progressing! 

                                                                        Bath - shoeboxes in the Bath cathedral

You can visit Patricia in her etsy store, see how she uses her photographs on her retail oriented blog, and do check out well-worn-passport on facebook for even more photos along with great travel tips and links.

So, how does she like to spend her time when she’s not working?
“Travel, plan travel, read, watch films, dance, take long bike rides, shop.” 
Sounds like the perfect balance to me!


  1. Fantastic story! Thank you for sharing her amazing photographs and talent with all of us. I love the spotlights and learning more about each artist.

  2. how you share your love for traveling through your photos! Wonderful piece Patricia!

  3. evoking a sense of quiet in her work. ...i couldn't agree more! interesting article, love getting to more about such a creative/fascinating person and lifestyle. congrats on the write up Patricia!

  4. Patricia, glad you decided to become a photographer so we get to share you particular vision.
    Great scoop, Betsy, thank you.

  5. Great feature Betsy. Beautiful photos by Patricia and its always great to learn more. I like "didn’t mean to become a travel photographer.." Often the way things happen in life and further proves the law of reversed effort :-)

  6. Wow! such a tremendously creative person and I love the gorgeous colour of you work.

  7. Fantastic story, I really love your photo and your sense of proprtion and composition Patrica
    when i worked inthe fashion industry i always carried a camara with me , but for me taking picture is like sketching, its my base for inspiration , and i too feels that looking at things through the camare lens give you another
    view of the scene.
    Thanks for sharing Yael

  8. thank you everyone for your warm and gracious comments. you have made my week, really!

  9. I loved reading about Patricia! So interesting to learn about the person behind the shop, and I've certainly admired her shop and photographs! Betsy, you are doing a fabulous job (and service!) with the interviews!

  10. good to know more about Patricia! the room sets sound very interesting

  11. You sound like a blast to be around. Sounds like you have a very busy life filled with fun and excitement. I wish you luck.

  12. Patricia, I love your work! It was so interesting to read about you! Great interview, Betsy!