Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spotlight on QuercusSilver

Su Trindle, the jeweler behind QuercusSilver lives and works in the World Heritage City of Bath, in the west of England. She describes it as a very beautiful and lively Georgian city, where her husband grew up and where they have made their home after many years of living and working abroad.

I love Su's resin rings!

Su admits to always having wanted to be a jeweler but it wasn’t until her boys were settled in school that she was able to go back to school herself and study the art and craft of silversmithing and jewelry design. She has always enjoyed using alternative materials in her work, such as resin, leather and fabric, appreciating their technical challenges and loving the color they bring to her work.

working with leather

Su’s etsy store QuercusSilver is one way she markets her work. At home in England she does several good craft fairs each year which gets her out of the studio and in front of buyers where she can get valuable feedback so important for studio artists working away in isolation. She does Open Studio events and sells in galleries. She was also involved in setting up Bath’s first Pop-up Gallery in 2010 and is in the process of joining the local Arts Trail.
Phew, there must be more hours in a British day …

Some of Su’s favorite online marketing tools:
“Online, I think my marketing is all about colour and image. My first and most successful marketing tool was
flickr, I make bold, sculptural jewellery which photographs well. Flickr was a good place to make
contact with like minded people.
I have advertised occasionally on
Craftopolis and such sites and I have a Facebook page. It's a constant challenge to maintain visibility online. My latest favourite is Tumblr, which is all about images and impact.”

                                             lucious greens

Su admits that with her, “Jewellery is Life”. But she does come up for air on occasion and likes to visit art museums and galleries for the inspiration they provide and to generally unwind. Their new collie puppy Jess, gets Su out for long walks over the Somerset hills, which when I close my eyes conjures up a scene out of a BBC mini series.

                                               More of Su's modern sensibility

And if she couldn’t be a jeweler, what other work would she like to do?
“Oh, that's easy I'd love to be a textile designer, all that colour and texture, who could resist?”

You can visit Su at


  1. love this post! what i most like about her work is that she is always coming up with new designs. it is always exciting to see what new listing is in her shop!

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  4. Thank you so much Betsy.
    You've been far too nice :)
    It will go to my head and I shall be even more impossible to live with.

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    feels like a family of artisans to me : )

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    colorpetry and brushwithimagination on Etsy

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