Thursday, December 4, 2014

About the Artist: Krize by Kristina Sabaite - Happy smiling shop

Kristina Sabaite is a children´s book illustrator and a dreamer for sure.
She was born in Lithuania, but now she is living in the north of Spain with her husband, their dog Chino and cat Bjork. 

When destiny brought her to Galicia she had a lot of free time for creating. She felt absolutely in love with the green forests, culture and people, so she thinks it was a big influence for her work. Her husband is a composer and pianist, so they have created a little cozy home studio to work together and be surrounded by art, music and colors!

She has opened her shop on Etsy in 2008 with the advice of her friend Claudia Moya (from Mundogominola) and since then she is very happy to create and to spread her positive point of view towards illustration. She loves creating happy and funny things and imagine people smiling while wearing her creations.

Handmade means something warm and very personal for her. It means something that is unique and made with care and with calm. A handmade object is a thing with a soul. It is very important to her.
You can find illustration, wall art, prints, original paintings, jewelry, toys, happy animal brooches and lot of funny art in her shop. So many colorful gifts for adults and children, for animal lovers, gifts for cat ladies and vegan friends. All her work has some hint of whimsical and cute.

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