Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Roadshow

Are you an Antiques Roadshow fan? I'm not ashamed to confess that I am... and since I'm watching it as I type, I might as well indulge in a little antique shopping myself...

Beautiful old sea life and botanical prints ready to frame at HighStreetVintage and vintagebytheshore. Pick out a few of these beauties and create a lovely grouping.

Now every woman needs one of these, right? Better hurry, it's the only one available at altmeansold. And while you're there, pick up a vintage bathing suit, there's summer left yet!

I know several people who collect salt and pepper shakers. I bet they don't have a pair like this from Birdsnestsandpaper ... Looks like they're patiently waiting for you too.

I could have used one of these in first grade when I leaned back from my desk, and fell over in my chair.  That connecting bar is like a seat belt. At least I know this desk from 86home is way older than I am...

Among other fun items to peruse, raejm is offering these instant ancestors. Frame them and scatter atop the piano... even includes an instant mother-in-law. Looks a bit stern...

In OnlyCoolStuff you'll find a lot of really sculptural looking pieces such as this vintage English oil can. (and more old tools among other cool stuff!)

Are you a mid-century maniac? Then you have to visit MonkiVintage  it's mid-century heaven, including some fab Scandinavian items. My inlaws would love this shop!

Oh my gosh, we had these same cups when I was a kid... takes me back almost are far as the school desk incident. Check them out at LizzieJoeDesigns. But you'd better hurry and get there before I do...


  1. Just amazing! thank you very much!

  2. this is wonderful - I admit it, I watch it too! I am constantly yelling,"sell it" :)) This is such a cool blog post, thank you for sharing it!!

  3. What a wonderful collection, Betsy!
    Thank you so much for including my print!

  4. I love the way those vintage photo's are being dispayed.

  5. me too, Love all the antique shows - great blog, a big bravo to you Betsy - thank you