Friday, November 30, 2012

give a cozy gift this holiday season

What could be better then to get all snuggly with one of these hand knit lovelies...?
Well perhaps a cuddly puppy might be, but then you've got the maintenance piece to think about... No, I quite think that a hand knit scarf, or hat, or bag, even if not knit by your own hand, is a much more thoughtful gift. And these etsy shops have it all (even something for that puppy...) 


  1. Love hand made knits, used to knit a lot, Before Etsy :) we have wonderful knitters in this team

  2. This is wonderful and I LOVE your selections!!! Their work is beautiful!!! :)

  3. How many wonderful knitters in our team! We admire our mates!!! It is an honour be between them!

    Mariana and Paula