Monday, September 10, 2012

September Home

In September, my thoughts turn a bit toward the great indoors. While still taking advantage of the fine weather for walks and getting the garden buttoned up, I feel a renewed interest in getting the house ready for the hunkering down season! Here are some lovely ideas for accessorizing your living space as Autumn approaches...

Monki Vintage letterpress type

 carambas vintage map

more wall art...

more rustic touches...

more than just a nic nac box...

 Finally, bring some of that great outdoors... indoors.

     See Life Shine photography


  1. gorgeous, thanks a bunch, Betsy !

  2. Oh Betsy, you do have a wonderful way of putting things together - thanks

  3. Great post, Betsy! Thanks so much for presenting my work in this collection!

  4. you have great taste and style betsy :) thank you love the dark yet cozy/light feel to the decor!

  5. Wonderful post, Betsy! Thanks so much!

  6. Great finds Betsy , thank you for including my print