Thursday, April 21, 2011

the Real Studio Managers - 1. Charlie, Arabella and Wesley

This is part 1 of a series showing the REAL managers behind the artists of the In the Making team on etsy

First up is the Captain of IM team, Pey, from Folk Art Vision

with her smallest and most active Manager - Charlie!

Charlie was rescued by Pey, when living wild in the local zoo didn't have enough stimulus for him.

He quickly made himself at home and got used to those essential time consuming cuddles ..

and made regular inspections of Pey's studio

making sure everything was in it's place and spotless ...

and when Pey got a bit stiff and needed a break from her art then Charlie would create the perfect diversion

c'mon -just how long does it take to hoover a pot of soil up? and doesn't it feel good to stretch those unused muscles?

and after a hard day's managing Charlie would send Pey out to reward him with freshly picked dandelions!

Next up we have one of the leaders of IM team, Annette, from Dragon House of Yuen

with Wesley, who came to Annette from a rescue 300 miles away and who is very big on observing, er, managing her fabric department ...

making sure that Annette doesn't ruffle them up or fold them the wrong way or ...

mix the colours up or, who really cares ....... zzzzz

and we have Arabella, from a different rescue, who had had enough of a cramped cage and now prefers to take a more active roll than Wesley in the main studio ...

making sure that Annette is not stuck infront of the computer making endless treasuries when she could be helping with the studio interior decoration instead ...

and ensuring that the carrots are always FRESH, I repeat FRESH, barks Arabella

and that there is always a large choice of hay in the deli section thanks

and don't forget the kisses on the nose too, c'mon, it's been half an hour since the last one!

yeah! I want kisses too Pey! and I want to be in more paintings and I want ...

... gosh it's hard work being the manager of Folk Art Vision!

that's more like it, just a bit to the left, a bit more ... oooh, oooeeeuughhgh mmmm

hey! I need some shut eye! that was a hard day!

zzzz ... yeah fold th.... ye.... zzzzzz .... carrrots .. carr... zzzz

Same time next month - meet more of the REAL managers doing REAL work!


  1. Love it, Annette,
    What would we do without these managers !!!
    Charlie sends kisses !

  2. thanks Pey!
    Arabella and Wesley send kisses back!

  3. Oh boy, did I ever need a dose of cute sleeping bunny faces!! Thanks for letting us in on what really goes on behind the scenes!

  4. Hahhaaa this is great! I want to cuddle some of those managers...they are too cute! Lush Cluster

  5. Oh, so so sweet! They are all amazing!!
    Thank you for a wonderful first "Behind the Scene"!
    Koide Studio

  6. So adorable!! Great feature!

  7. OMG, I think I really need a studio manager as well!! Lovely! Linda / PaperPhine

  8. The rabbit that barked ;-) Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, they are so lovely it almost brought a tear to my eye - especially when I thought about them being rescued from not so nice living conditions. How lovely to see them roaming free and causing havoc - I mean 'managing' your studios ;-) It makes me happy to think you have rescued them and given them a great home.

  9. Loved all these sweet managers and the post! I have a smile on my face!!! Thank you!

  10. How wonderful! My rescue rabbit Cleo approves.

    Her bondmate is a little Netherland Dwarf.

  11. Brilliant! Good to know that Pey & Annette's shops are both in good hands, er, paws ;-)

  12. my favorite picture is of pey and her rabbit :)

  13. Oh my I needed that. So fun. Lovely.

  14. Awwww! I can almost feel that soft bunny fur! Thanks for sharing those precious pictures!

  15. This made my day! I luuuvvv the sweetie cute little faces! :)

  16. So adorable, they are all precious, how do you get work done?