Thursday, September 26, 2013

a jewelry interlude...

At emeeme you'll find fun and colorful jewelry to perfectly accessorize your wardrobe, from dressy to casual. Something for every season!


DreamsFactory is a wonderland of Baltic amber, ranging in style from rustic to modern to elegant. Always a statement!

don't forget the earrings!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Time to rummage through your closets and refresh those Fall wardrobes, keeping an eye out for some pretty cozy accessories...

dress: Thongbai Tatong, necklace: LAccentNou, shoes: Michal Miller, bag: Leah Lerner

handwarmers: okapiknits, skirt: melaniegracedesigns, pendant: sidirom

beret: knitBranda, top: Broken Ghost Clothing, scarf: Solandia, ring: idniama

bow tie: Bartek Design, cowl: the Yarn Kitchen, chunky cowl: little birdie design, scarf: vart

scarf: Felt Meadow, bag: AnnaLela, hat: NYhop, leggings: karmology clinic

necklace: AnAstridEndeavor, bracelet: Bozena Wojtaszek, mittens: aureliaLT

Happy Fall! 
(And for our Southern Hemisphere friends, who've been there, done that recently enough, you'll find lots to love for Spring in these shops as well!)