Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tumblr Start Your Spring with Mikicat

This is a 2 part tutorial on how to TUMBLR
Forgive me if you find my process to be a tad tedious,
remember, I'm just a little cat !

First, Sign up at
The screen looks exactly like the one in front of me,
enter your email address, a new password for this site and
for URL, enter a name for your tumblr account, not to worry,
you can change that later if you want.

so my tumblr page is
let me show you how to got there.
Ah, you will need to go through the email verification, you know the routine.

This is the next screen, tumblr calls it dashboard, like it says,
I need to pick an avatar first by uploading a nice pic. of myself.
if you click on the head on top left, you'll get there too.
so go ahead, upload a pretty picture of yourself.

you'll see this blog setting page, lots of other stuff to decide,
feel free to ignore it until later, I did.
whatever you choose, remember to click save at the bottom.

Now the fun part, you get to pick your theme for the blog.
I don't have much allowance, so I go for the free themes.
My dad always said to keep it simple, so I do.
I picked the minimalist and I click use then save, (top left)
Go click on all the themes and see what you like.
Just remember, you can change it later or do a custom background,
I would like to see some raw chicken necks, but I digress.

Oh wait, before you save,
you need to give your blog a title, I called mine
10 Needles, cause that's how many shots I got
when I went to the vet, believe it or not !
So add your title and description and then click save.

Now, remember it said in step 3, follow at least 5 people,
I know how, just click Explore Tumblr on the dashboard.
Find the cats, I meant blogs, I like, click follow !

so now you have a title, a description and a blank page,
I'm too tired to show you how to upload an image, so instead,
let me show you how to reblog, which is the fastest way
to put an image on your blog without doing too much.

I went to my Mom's blog, found the silly dog with the hat,
click on the heart, I did it out of politeness, I don't really heart
the dog, then I click reblog.

this box shows up and all I do now is click reblog.
this is now on my blog. Too bad she doesn't have my
picture up, it would look much nicer. Oh well !

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr, except
I don't get too much computer time so
there probably won't be much to look at.

Next week my mom will show you how to
upload images and do collages or something like that.

If you already have a tumblr account, skip this and
go straight to part 2 on how to post.
bye for now.
yours truly
MIki the Cat.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Congratulations LaLaShoes!!

Congratulations to Daria of imteam for making etsy's featured seller! Check out the article and Daria's shop, filled with adorable hand made shoes for children and women!

Monday, February 27, 2012

by the light of the silvery moon

relaxing under the starlight

of the brand new bright blue baby stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

I stretched my legs and admired my new steppin' out shoes

and who should stop by to admire them too?

though he remarked that they may be a tad too big for him

so I glanced at his petite frame
glanced at my shoes,
and indeed, he was right

and said that she would fit the shoes perfectly,

her hind legs were long, lean and svelte

so I took a shoe off to humour her

... and she put it on,

it fitted like a glove

.... and off she went into the starlight :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This week's winner!

The winning treasury of this week's challenge  "What's your sign", is Kelly of 88editions! 
Congratulations Kelly!

Fun Fair

Its time to step out into the beautiful sunshine forget about the doom and gloom of the world and have a bit of fun.
Get yourself dressed in this lovely rose colored linen/cotton blend dress (karmologyclinic), perfect for the hotter months teamed with a cute pair of sandals;
Drape this delicate and feminine enamel necklace (Happyment) with a glass bell flower in peach cream around your neck;
Adorn your ears with these unique ear studs (LAccentNou) made from sand gathered on beaches in the Mediterranean sea;
Then pop this burlap handbag (ittybittybag) into your hand, filled with the essentials for an enjoyable day out - purse, lipstick, sunglasses etc etc;
And head off to the fun fair where you will eat a sno cone (golden section), ride on the merry-go-round, and generally spend the day with not a care in the world. Sounds like bliss to me! Shall I pick you up on my way?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

... lost ....

sometimes it's nice just to wander,

wander thru the woods, enjoying nature,

taking in the fresh air, quiet goings-ons

keeping your wrists warm from any little chills that should wisp by amongst the trees

with these gorgeous cream warmers by Flora by InnerWild
and should you come across a small fellow who may have lost his way

then gladly take him under your wing

and together in your wanderings, you will find the right path .... again ....

Friday, February 24, 2012

the Snowdrops are out

and small spring flowers are carpeting the ground everywhere with colourful smiles

small rabbits in love are choosing the nicest blooms for their crush

and making sure their glad rags are up to par,

because the laydees are getting hard to impress nowadays
and it takes alot of loving to show her your dedication

and making nests and making babies is a serious endeavour, don't you know
not just any piece of string will do for one's nest, it has to be just right

and cups of nectar are absolutely essential to fuel all this love

because it's not every day you can have a picnic on a blanket of snowdrops
not even if you bring your own blanket!
have a walk thru the woodlands of etsy to see more beautiful spring buds

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Kelly Tankersley of 88editions on etsy is a printmaker, collage artist and photographer living and working in Austin, Texas. Her solar plate etchings are done on handmade paper incorporating plant materials from her garden.

                                      Veiled Promise, ooak collage on handmade paper

Secret Life of my Garden, ooak gelatin monoprint on handmade paper

 Want to see more of Kelly's beautiful work? Check out her shop, 88editions. You can also find out a bit more about Kelly and what makes her tick, here... enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome all!

Seven new shops were added to In the Making this week and we're delighted to have them join us!

                   anticovalore,  ProfessorTiny,  karmologyclinic,  handjstarcreations

                                   Relogy, JKphotography, vintagebytheshore

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A winter's tale

I'm happy to report,

The Snowdrops are up and,
compared to last year, they seem to be several weeks early.

The mild weather is also luring a lot of birds,
Cardinals and snowbirds are everywhere
Robins never left.
Occasionally, one might even spot an exotic.

But the most noteworthy sighting is the return of
Red-winged Blackbird
on Feb. 21st.

They are one of the most abundant native birds
in North America.
A highly polygynous species,
meaning males have many female mates/ nests.
Their early arrival and tumbling song are
happy indications of
the return of spring.
I say this is a cause for celebration !

Before you know it, Tulips will be in bloom
and Spring will be in the air.

Monday, February 20, 2012

draped in Feminine Beauty

one of the most beautiful things to have against your body is a piece of jewellery which enhances your femininity

and I have found the perfect piece!

~ this gorgeous black onyx cascading necklace

by Irene from Aroluna

I can feel it moving with my body as I take in my day

and I would not be afraid to wear this in the gym
- the feeling I get is that this piece would be so at home on my skin that it wouldn't matter what I did and would make me feel very feminine!

and cascading down my wrists I would have a couple of these tactile bracelets, perhaps 3 of them
and they would rub shoulders with (or should I say wrists?) some cotton friendship bands

I feel that these bracelets are very friendly and amenable to company

and at the end of my cascade will be these beautiful hammered rings, all stacked on one finger, as I really like layers, and I love texture and love feeling sensual

and depending on how I'm feeling that day I may or may not have a small piece of string tied around my finger too, beside those bands - just to remind myself how feminine and chic I am in this ensemble by Irene

thank you Irene!
the perfect outfit for any time!